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1. Used to work a 9-5 job as a stock broker

Sweat was a stock broker prior to getting into music and he told us that he used to sing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.


2. Pioneer of the New Jack Swing sound

He purposely mixed Hip-Hop with the R&B sound because he wanted to create edger rhythm and blues music.


3. Doesn’t kiss and tell

His good friend Bobby Brown wrote a tell-all about his life and who he slept with, but Keith Sweat said he couldn’t do that “especially when it comes to when a woman feels like she’s basically sharing herself with you and the things that y’all doing are intimately and privately for y’all two.”


4. Business Man

He moved to Atlanta before most people and built his own home studio to take advantage of the lower cost of living than New York.


5. He wrote 'Just Got Paid' but didn't get paid for it

Keith Sweat co-wrote Johnny Kemp’s hit record “Just Got Paid” but didn’t get a writing credit. He says Teddy Riley made it right though.


6. His favorite new artist is Bryson Tiller

In addition to his music, He talks how he likes the way Tiller handles himself.