Don't come for Trina, unless she sends for you. The baddest isn't anybody to play with and an unlucky someone just learned this the hard way. 

On Wednesday (Aug. 9) night, Trina went IN on local Miami rapper Kim B Rocs Mics. This beef has something to do with the upcoming new series Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Kim apparently may have started some drama with the MC because she wants to get on the show. The chaos all started on Twitter. Kim was posting recklessly about Trina. That's when the rapper snapped via her social media accounts.

**WARING: Explicit language**

#Trina is having her own drag session with #KimBRocMics on Twitter today 👀

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She started tweeting that Kim can pull and even told her where she was, so the fight can go down. From there, Trina went on Instagram Live and delivered a video filled with the most no-chill fighting words we've peeped in a cool minute. Trina was ready for Kim to knuck. 

"What's good?" Trina said in the clip. "Y'all h**s want smoke, now you got it. Y'all h**s gonna respect my motherf**kin' name. I'm gonna start making y'all h**s bow down and kiss my motherf**kin' feet. Y'all bumass h**s."

Then, Trina confirmed her gangsta with the line: "And if you call me a b**ch, make sure you put baddest in front of it," she said. "Wackass h**s. Light the blunt." Watch the video below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

TRINNNNA THOOOOOO. The baddest, no doubt. 

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