Lil Pump Detained In Denmark After Taunting Cops



"You gon' learn today" — Denmark police officers to Lil Pump, probably. 

The 18-year-old rapper had to learn the hard way that he probably shouldn't post a video of himself taunting police officers while still in police custody. Pump ended up getting locked up on Tuesday (December 4), and even had to cancel a show, after he and his crew were detained for an unknown reason in Copenhagen, TMZ reports.

A source told the gossip site they believe someone in Pump's crew may have been busted for holding something illegal. However, Pump ended up getting the brunt of the police officer's wrath because of his actions while he and his team were being hauled off to a police station. The "I Love It" rapper began an Instagram Live stream while in transport, where he showed himself flipping off an officer's back. Now, the problem with having 17.1 million followers on Instagram, is tons of people (most of which a person doesn't know) actually tunes in to these live streams. So, it wasn't long before police officers found out about Pump's taunting and reportedly detained him much longer because of it, causing the "Gucci Gang" rapper to have to cancel his concert in Finland Tuesday night. 

Following his arrest, an insider told TMZ, Pump had not been hit with any criminal charges and is expected to be released in the next 24 hours.

Pump's run-in with the law came just three months after he was arrested in Miami for driving without a license. He was also arrested in February for firing a gun into the door of his Los Angeles home.

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