The Jonas Brothers Docu Will Make You Cry, Is 'Painfully Honest': Details

The Jonas Brothers don’t hold back in new documentary Chasing Happiness. Ryan Seacrest saw the film ahead of its June 4 release and teased on-air on Tuesday, May 21, that it will not only make you cry, but it's painfully honest.

In the documentary, the uber popular boy band trace their success all the way from the beginning and also highlight the demise of their group, which ultimately led to their 2013 hiatus.

"I don’t think I appreciated all their early success and how hard they worked, like the family gave up everything," Ryan shared. "The Jonas Brothers, the pressure was put on them to make money for the family, … having to be the bread winners and they were struggling.”

Ryan explained there are two parts in particular where he got emotional.

"One: They used an interesting device or tool to get to their therapy session," Ryan dished. "They go to Joe's place in Australia … and they get together … and they sit down and open up tequila and they put cards in the center and the cards are emotional deep therapy questions and they have to draw a card and talk about it or answer the questions."

During the session, it was revealed that Nick and Joe once performed as the Jonas Brothers and didn't invite Kevin.

"They didn't even tell him," Ryan continued. "And they told him why in the session and they basically say 'We thought you were holding us back.' ... They didn’t talk to each other for years," Ryan concluded. "They loathed each other. They couldn’t stand each other.”

Fast-forward to present and the trio is back together and couldn't be happier. All three boys are also now married respectively to Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner and couldn’t be more excited for their comeback.

“We started the discussions first of all about making [the] documentary,” Nick explained to Seacrest this past March of their return with hit single “Sucker”. “And then it evolved into spending so much time together and working together again and saying we really want to give this another shot and we feel like we’re at this place in our lives as a family where we could actually do it and it would be healthy.”

Catch Chasing Happiness on Amazon Prime on June 4 and listen back to the full audio above for more inside scoop on the docu!

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