The Lumineers Raise Over $250,000 Towards A Climate Positive Tour

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, The Lumineers have been helping raise money for their local community, but their charitable spirit was hard at work before quarantine hit. The band began the year on the first leg of its III World Tour, and though it was cut short the folk-rockers were able to make a large impact in a small amount of time. On Tuesday (July 14), The Lumineers announced what they were able to achieve on the road via Instagram.

"Earlier this year (prior to touring coming to a halt) we were on the road, playing shows across the U.S. for the first leg of our III World Tour," the wrote. "Thanks to YOU, the fans, and our partners at@reverb_org, we were able to make an impact on both a local and national level 🙌💚. We raised over $250k towards a climate positive tour (neutralizing 150% of carbon emissions) and made significant donations to local homelessness and addiction treatment organizations."

The band also shared a series of cards that detail each way they were able to make a difference. Take a look at their instagram post, along with each detailed action item, below.

The Lumineers III World Tour Total Impact

-Neutralized out carbon footprint by 150% by funding projects to eliminate 6,300 tonnes of carbon. That’s equivalent to 1,300 cars off the road for a year!

-Raised over $75k for local organizations fighting homelessness, hunger & addiction.

-Provided financial support for to help reverse the addiction crisis in the United States.

-Raised enough to provide clean water for 1,500 people for 20 years.

-1,492 meals served from food donations over 18 shows.

-Eliminated the use of over 10k single-use plastic bottles and 70k plastic straws.

-200lbs+ of toiletries rescued from hotels donated to local shelters.

-Registered hundreds of voters.